Attention Knee Pain Sufferers! Free​ Workshop!

New Knee Pain Workshop Helps Local People Get Back to Normal Naturally, Without Unnecessary Pain Pills, Injections, or Surgeries



Saturday, Mar 21st
9:00 AM
1020 11th Street Suite C Tell City, IN 47586

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Go​ to​ the​ Knee Pain​​ Workshop​ and​ Learn:

  • 1

    The Top 3 Causes of Knee Pain that can lead to a Knee Replacement and a long recovery. (One of them you won’t believe…)

  • 2

    The #1 Single Biggest Mistake that Knee Pain sufferers make that can lead directly to surgery.

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    A sure-fire way to get your life back and pick the right treatment for the cause of your pain (and save you time and money.

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    What successful treatment and permanent relief look like without the side effects of unnecessary medications, injections or surgery.

Brandi Labhart

Who​ is​ the​ Workshop​ For?

The​ Knee​ Pain​ Workshop​ is​ for​ people​ suffering​ with​ knee​ pain​ who​ are​ looking​ to​ feel normal​ again​ and​ heal​ naturally​ without​ medications,​ injections​ and​ surgery.

  • 1

    Are you afraid to move because you fear your knee might "give out"?

  • 2

    Do you find yourself taking Tylenol, Aleve or Advil just to get through the day?

  • 3

    Are you missing out on family time because of knee pain?

  • 4

    Have you changed the way you do everyday activities - like going up and down stairs or getting in and out of a car?

  • 5

    Do you try to just “keep going” but you feel limited in what you can do?

  • 6

    Do you feel worn out and held back because of your knee?

What Do Others Have To Say About The Knee Pain Workshop?

"Three years ago I hurt my knee. I couldn’t run or go to boot camp, then it got to where I couldn’t go up or down stairs, and sitting was even bad with my knee bent. I went to therapy in Owensboro for 3 months. I still couldn’t run or do many activities. They released me, so I made an appointment at ARI. Within 3-4 weeks, I was running and biking. Now I’m finished with therapy and I have no pain during a run or bike ride. I couldn’t be happier about beginning summer knowing I can do the things I love! These girls were awesome. Thank you ARI, Amanda, and Brandi. ."

Cindy Hubert

I started therapy less than 24 hours after knee surgery. I was non-weight bearing for 6 weeks following surgery. It was an extremely difficult time. Every visit to ARI was a new experience and very helpful in my recovery. The therapists at ARI are WONDERFUL! I can’t say enough good things about them. They listened to me when I had a specific pain or concern. Simple exercises did amazing things; these ladies do remarkable things! Thank you for getting me back on my feet! (Both of them!)

Vicki Bolin

I came to ARI because I injured my knee. I was unable to bend my knee to put on shoes without pain. Thanks to the ARI staff for working with me to improve. Now I can walk and do thing without pain. ARI has my approval! A big thank you to Amanda and Brandi.

Kevin Rhodes

We have limited spots available and space will fill up fast, so register now to avoid missing out.

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